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SQL Developer 

SQL Developer is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) that is primarily used for working with databases. It is a tool provided by Oracle Corporation for developing and managing Oracle databases, but it can also be used to work with other relational database management systems (RDBMS) like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and more, with some limitations.

SQL Developer provides a user-friendly interface for database developers, administrators, and analysts to interact with databases, perform database tasks, and write SQL queries and scripts.

Why Learn SQL ?

Learning SQL as a developer is a valuable skill because SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful tool for managing and manipulating data in relational databases.


SQL is a versatile and valuable skill that can benefit individuals in various career paths, from data-related roles to software development and beyond. It empowers you to work with data effectively, make informed decisions, and contribute meaningfully to your organization's success.

  • Relational Data

  • Standardization

  • Data Security

  • Query Flexibility

  • Integration

  • Historical Data

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

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SQL (Structured Query Language) -

This course covers the below​

  • Basics concepts

  • Industry Use Cases

  • Joins 

  • Sub Query

  • Triggers

  • Functions

  • Interviews Questions 

Mode: Online / Offline

Duration: 25 Days

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