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The Startup Journey: From Idea to Reality

We all day dreamt about investing in a startup and earning profits in multiple ways at some point of our life. However, running a startup and turning it into a business while earning profits in returns is not everyone’s cup of tea. Startups need continuous efforts and research and multiple trials and errors. Twenty First century is all about hustle and startup culture. To all those never giving up on their dreams, here is our token of appreciation for all the small business owners and startups, including us at Actify Inc.

We at Actify Inc. with our own blog series on #The Startup Journey will share our insights on the same.

What is a Startup? To simplify the term, Investopedia, an academy providing courses on finance and investment defines a startup as a company that's in the initial stages of business’. It is usually funded by entrepreneurs however the funds are also raised by ventures, family, friends, crowdfunding, loans etc.

Though startups are known for being risky in nature they are also quite successful if properly. A question immediately pops up in the mind, How to make a startup successful and what does a successful startup need?

We will be covering this and other questions in our second blog, so stay tuned to turn your Ideas into Reality ! #SmallBusiness #Entrepreneurship #BusinessOwners #StartupLife #SmallBizTips #BusinessDevelopment #SMBs #LinkedInForBusiness

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