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Introducing our Internship Portal

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

An unparalleled product, unlike any other in its category... The Internship portal from Actify. A novel and distinctive platform dedicated to college placements and internship opportunities.

The age of relying on job postings in newspapers or the curiosity of waiting for a recruitment advertisement on television is no longer practiced. With the advancement of technology, the Internet is the most trusted resource compared to the others available in the market.Internship portal plays a crucial role in connecting deserving candidates with internships and job opportunities. It increases efficiency, is time-saving, and reduces the chances of manual errors. This platform acts as an intermediary between companies searching for talented individuals and candidates seeking internships or employment.

It has multiple profiles, which are as follows:

1.    Company Login Profile: Companies seeking college-going candidates for internships can list their job openings on our internship portal. The company can create a job description and assign tests to check the eligibility of the candidates. This makes the recruitment process easy for the company and helps them find an efficient candidate for the company.

2.    Candidate Login Profile: College students can create their portfolio on our portal by adding details like education, experiences, contact details, etc. They can view the internship listings and apply for the opportunity by attempting the test allotted to them. The status of their application can be viewed on the portal.

3.    Placement Manager (College) Login Profile: This page can be accessed by the placement officer at the college. The placement officer can view the job listings, ask deserving candidates to apply for them, and view the test scores of the candidates.

In conclusion, the Internship Portal binds companies, college students, and placement officers together.


Contact: +91 9867476400 / 7841074881

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