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In the recent years, there has been an increasing factor evident in the workforce - The comeback of women after having taken breaks. Organizations have been successfully identifying the value and quality that women bring into the organizations and thus are trying to create increasing opportunities by which women can make a successful return, back into the industry. One such company that aims to enable women to ensure their professional growth and at the same time manage their personal life is Actify Inc.

While initially it was believed that a break taken means loss of skills or lack of information about the latest developments, today women are making utmost use of their break. Actify being a progressive minded organization, is at the forefront in implementing this transformation. 

Having identified that the skills and expertise of women that haven’t been put to the right usage, the company emphasizes on an organizational culture of flexibility and inclusion and is backed by a wide variety of opportunities. The company also provides training and aims to upskill them with the latest technology and provide them with a job as per their interest and expertise. 

Along with the opportunities for growth, Actify also instills a supportive organizational culture within their company that is so considerate and caring of their employees growth and development, providing them each and every opportunity possible to flourish. Actify has a large number of women either choosing part time work or remote opportunities. Such an initiative by Actify has successfully enabled a large number of women to make a successful comeback to the industry and strike an effective balance between their personal and professional life.

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