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3D Developer

Thane, Maharashtra, India

Job Type

Full Time



No. of Positions



0 - 1 years

Roles & Responsibilities

The position entails developing interactive 3D web applications utilizing JavaScript and a range of web technologies. Responsibilities include integrating 3D graphics seamlessly with conventional web technologies, guaranteeing compatibility across various platforms, and enhancing performance. The role also requires effective collaboration with designers and back-end developers to produce engaging, user-centric web experiences.

• Crafting engaging 3D web applications using JavaScript and related frameworks like Three.js.
• Seamlessly integrating 3D models, animations, and textures with standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
• Ensuring that 3D applications function smoothly across different devices and browsers.
• Tweaking 3D graphics for optimal performance and speed, reducing load times, and improving the user experience.
• Working closely with UI/UX designers and back-end developers to align 3D elements with overall web design and server-side functionalities.

Experience and Skills Required

  • Advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Quick learner

  • Proficient in Trigonometry

About the Company

Actify aims to guide individuals and businesses in taking control of their progress leveraging
the latest in Information Technology.
The company focuses on upgrading the skill sets of individuals with the right mix of concepts
and practice on projects required by the industry and assist enterprises embrace digital

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